Monday, 18 November 2013

Boris is wrong again-the super-rich are not 'put-upon' at all

Today, ladies and gentlemen, the infamous Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, claimed that the super-rich were a 'put-upon minority' and compared their treatment to that given to 'travellers and homeless people' in his speech.

Boris is completely wrong- the super-rich may be a small minority, but they are not put-upon. The criticism levelled against the deeds of the rich and super-rich is ,in any case, well-deserved. The reckless actions of the super-rich (especially the bankers) are what caused the economic crisis of 2008 in the first place, and yet they still refuse to admit fault and in fact want to get even richer whilst the rest of us suffer for no good reason at all.

As with regards to his ridiculous notion that the super-rich should get knighthoods and/or other honours-not only should wealth alone not be a mark of honour, but also, the honours system should be scrapped anyway, as it is unnecessary, wasteful, divisive, and undemocratic. It is no surprise that renowned poet Benjamin Zephaniah refused to accept one of these honours, and he was right not to accept.

This is just yet another example of the type of person Boris really is-an egotistical, selfish, out of touch, cold-hearted (beep)-head-even when he pretends to be buffoonish and clownlike. London will be glad to see the back of him when he steps down as Mayor in 2016, which cannot come too soon, in my opinion. Our system also needs to change so that people like him do not end up in positions of high office.



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