Friday, 15 November 2013

Local by-election results (14/11/13) and other news

The results from local by-elections of 15/11/13 featuring Green candidates are as follows:

Allerdale, Seaton: Lab 464 (40.0%), UKIP 426 (36.7%), Con 133 (11.5%), Green 108 (9.3%), Lib Dem 30 (2.6%).

Bournemouth, Winton East: Con 503 (41.8%), Lab 215 (17.9%), UKIP 212 (17.6%), Lib Dem 191 (15.9%), Green 48 (4.0%), Independent 34 (2.8%).

Stoke-on Trent, Baddeley, Milton and Norton: City Ind 861 (32.3%), Con 504 (18.9%), Lab 444 (16.6%), UKIP 333 (12.5%), Ind E 313 (11.7%), BNP 79 (3.0%), Green 50 (1.9%), Lib Dem 32 (1.2%), Ind D 27 (0.9%), TUSC 25 (0.9%).

The Allerdale seat had previously been occupied by an Independent, whose death precipitated the by-election. Surprisingly in this part of Cumbria, no Independent candidate came forward. Even though UKIP's poll ratings are sinking slowly, they came pretty close to Labour here. I am at least glad we held up well here, given that the Lib Dems, the Conservatives, and UKIP had not stood in Seaton (Allerdale) in 2012 but did so here.

In Bournemouth, the significant increase in the Conservative vote can be attributed to the fact that it was only low (by Dorset standards,anyway) last time in Winton East because of the numerous Independent candidates standing there which almost certainly split the Conservative vote. None of those Independents stood here this time around.

 The Stoke-on-Trent by-election, despite its low turnout (19%!) was the most interesting of these local by-elections. Although the City Independents did not stand here in 2011, they won the seat albeit with a low vote share of 32%. With 10 candidates, votes were quite well split, in yet another example of why first past the post is bad for democracy and should be scrapped.

Despite the fact they control Stoke-on-Trent council, Labour only came third in this seat. The UKIP vote also did not significantly increase,with much of the increase coming from the former BNP vote. Given that we Greens have no real base in Stoke, and thus could not make a real impact, we are at least glad to have beaten the Lib Dems and the Socialists. 

Also, I am glad that the Independent has finally come clean on how dangerous the Anti-Social Behaviour,Crime and Policing Bill is-why did they not cover it before? Please sign any and all petitions against this pro-police state bill you can find,and help us build a campaign against this bill and support the ongoing campaign against the 'gagging law'..


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