Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Green thoughts: The Northern Conservatives got what they deserved and my retort to Francis Maude

First of all, Owen Jones is right to put Northern Conservative Bernard Ingham straight:

It is also clear that the Conservatives in the North of England, and also Scotland and much of Wales, deserved to enter their long decline, which is being exacerbated further by UKIP, as local and Westminster by-election results from the North of England show.

The infamous poll tax was first introduced to Scotland before it was introduced to England and Wales, and that is one of the major factors in the decline of the Scottish Conservative vote.

The Hillsborough disaster of 1989, and the collusion of the police (generally respected by Conservative voters to a good degree) and the pro-Conservative Sun newspaper in covering up evidence started a terminal decline in the Liverpudlian Conservative vote.

Now, this time around, the Conservatives are losing further ground in the North of England and in Wales to UKIP, and this has been particularly noticeable in the Northeast, because of their contempt for anyone (even working-class right-wingers) except the posh and privileged, and their contempt for important values like democracy and community cohesion.

On another note, Conservative Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has claimed in the Independent that 'we need companies like G4S':

He is completely wrong: not only does our nation not only not need companies like G4S, our nation should not even tolerate them either. They are a liability to us all and their actions have created a black stain on Britain's reputation.

G4S, alongside Serco, have proven themselves to be incompetent, profiteering, violent and cruel- their employees are generally nothing more than glorified thugs, as incidents have shown.

G4S have been responsible for many wrongful deaths in our nation, particularly those of asylum seekers and immigrants- the Jimmy Mubenga case is just one example of G4S' cruelty and carelessness.

In the field of security itself, the 2012 Olympics debacle has showed that G4S are not even competent in that field.

The fact that they and Serco (and other corporate partners-in-crime) have defrauded the government, and thus us, the taxpayer, out of millions of pounds several times should be the final straw for these bloated private security companies. In my honest opinion, they should be shut down so that victims of their abuses can be compensated and so that their employees can find more productive security work or other work.

Any thoughts on this, readers?






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