Sunday, 1 December 2013

Left Unity has now emerged officially-what will come of it?

Readers, Left Unity, whose members hope to bring the various 'hard left' parties of the UK together to fight as one united force, hosted its founding conference at the Royal London Hotel yesterday.

Some of you may have already watched its founding video live-what did you think?

I am not sure what will come of Left Unity, but it may finally break the cycle that left-wing alliances in Britain have suffered under for many years. By not including the leech-like cult known as the Socialist Workers' Party, Left Unity might at least achieve something useful, somewhere.

I do of course remain a loyal Green Party member, but in my opinion it might potentially be worth the while of some local Green Parties to work with some Left Unity members in order to achieve a common goal of removing the ConDems from power and preventing Labour's return, and thus finally move the UK away from the neoliberal consensus.

We shall have to wait and see,though.


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