Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The defenders of democracy are the real patriots-not the elitist Establishment who attack them

Readers, in recent news, the Guardian's editor, Alan Rushbridger, was questioned by ConDem MPs about his exposure of whistleblowing hero Edward Snowden's relevations of how the NSA and GCHQ spied on us without us ever knowing it. He was deemed unpatriotic and was told he endangered national security.

It has become increasingly clear, with hindsight, that 'national security' has largely just been used to justify human rights abuses and other abuses of power by elites from across the world, and that many real patriots throughout history, who actually cared about their nation rather than just pretending to, promoted democracy, freedom and transparency, and a fairer nation, which is the message Mr. Rushbridger is rightly trying to bring across, rather than despair, division and hate as the pro-corporate right-wing media under Rupert Murdoch and Viscount Rothermere always do.

Speaking of patriotism, the ConDem government which has been in power these last 3 years has been the least patriotic of all-it is willing to sell any Britsh asset it can that is not nailed down and does not even to pretend to act in Britain's interests-only those of transnational corporations. As was once said, 'a merchant has no country'-this phrase has never been truer in modern times.

If we really care about Britain, then we should defend democracy, defend freedom, defend integration, and also fight for fairness and a better society-and against the current Establishment who have mis-governed for decades. 




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