Friday, 17 January 2014

By-election results from 9/1/14 and 16/1/14-also other thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, in case you have not heard yet, here are January's local by-election results involving Green candidates:

Tonbridge and Malling DC, Borough Green and Long Mill: Ind (Mike Taylor): 692 (38.9%), Con 588 (33.0%), UKIP 349 (19.6%), Lab 84 (4.7%), Green 68 (3.8%).

Trafford MBC, Broadheath: Lab 1377 (44.6%), Con 1258 (40.8%), UKIP 234 (7.6%), Lib Dem 150 (4.9%),Green 67 (2.2%).

The Trafford contest has seen some of the lowest local by-election swings (and for all parties that contested as well) I have seen in over a year, particularly as the UKIP vote was squeezed (as was ours) about by the tense Labour-Conservative battle that often goes on in Trafford contests-Trafford is one of only two Conservative-controlled boroughs (the other is Solihull, where we Greens have strong support) but nonetheless has significant Labour support as well. By contrast, many metropolitan councils are Labour strongholds through and through.

There are sadly no other local by-elections this month which we Greens are contesting, but I will cover the Cowdenbeath (Scottish Parliament) by-election anyway.

In other news, I am glad the disciplinary case against the 'Sussex 5' students has collapsed after Sussex deputy vice-chancellor, Michael Davies, stepped down when accused of political bias in the case. However, the case still has not concluded, and thus I ask you to keep supporting the Sussex 5 until they are finally cleared.


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