Monday, 27 January 2014

My thoughts of the day

A lot of interesting news, for both good and bad reasons, has occurred in the past two days.

First, I find it rather interesting that comedian Rufus Hound will throw his hat into the ring for this year's European elections, on behalf of the National Health Action Party. I am quite surprised he is standing against us Greens, given that NHAP's first electoral candidate was a Green Party member. However, there are likely to be many comedians/comediennes putting themselves forward in the Euro elections, particularly on protest platforms like ANO and the 5 Star Movement.

Secondly, it is astonishing how pervasive the web of sex scandals has become since the relevations about the sickening abuse of children the late Jimmy Savile committed during his many years as a BBC presenter-and it is not just BBC figures being exposed,of course, but many politicians past and present too (especially Liberal Democrat politicians). I sometimes wonder who will be exposed next? Anyway, it is clearly a major symptom of our elitist, unfair society, and revealing more people involved will not prevent a similar scandal occurring in the not too distant future, any more than the Profumo affair did regarding the behaviour of our MPs.
 The entire system needs to be changed, and opened up so that ordinary people can have better chances of rising up the ladder than at present-and that ladder should not have so many rungs.

Thirdly, it is interesting to see who will now come forward in the Wythenshawe and Sale East candidates have been confirmed so far with two days to go until nominations close. Now it just remains for Manchester Green Party to put someone forward.


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