Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Polar vortexes and high floods in temperature areas-more on what climate change could do to us

It was reported only yesterday that the northern part of the USA was experiencing a polar vortex, causing temperatures in some places to drop as low as -50 degrees Celsius-lower than the lowest temperatures of the Arctic Ocean, and cold enough to be life threatening to humans and to generally grind much of everyday human activity to an abrupt halt.

Worse still, this polar vortex is causing the floods that heavily hit much of Britain's south coast to worsen, with waves higher than 10 metres expected in the southwest of England in particular. Quite a few people have already died as a result of these floods-more could follow.

Readers, did any of you see 'The Day After Tomorrow'? If not, please search for it online. If you have, you can now see in retrospect that it clearly had a good point to demonstrate to us about the potential consequences of artificial climate change.

At the same time, the ConDems are failing to adequately invest in flood defence improvements and environmental protection, both of which will be increasingly important in coming years. The halting of the artificial climate change which is causing these storms will need international action, not just within Europe but also across continents.

Otherwise, it is not just lifestyles that will be altered by the effects of artificial climate change and global temperature increase, but our lives as well. And 'altered' will also in fact mean 'ended' in many cases.



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