Friday, 31 January 2014

The extent of collusion of Conservative and Labour groups on councils reiterates the need for a Green alternative

Last night, in an important meeting on Brighton and Hove City Council, the Conservative and Labour groups colluded together as usual. This time, their collusion was on a vote of no confidence in Jason Kitcat's minority Green administration-even though Brighton and Hove council has made some significant improvements to Brighton, and several Brighton and Hove councillors have rightly spoke out against Eric Pickles' twisted version of localism and the callous cuts he has made to local authorities across the nation.

My good friend in Dudley, Will Duckworth, wisely spoke against Dudley Council's austerity budget recently, and also against the severe cuts local councils are facing. The Labour and Conservative councillors on Dudley Council, meanwhile, together voted in favour of a cuts budget. 

There are sadly many councils where Labour and Conservative groups collude together to push neoliberal agendas and misrepresent the people. Cumbria County Council gained some infamy amongst the left for doing so, and in fact I believe such a coalition is continuing. Recently, an independent Labour group formed in Harrow in protest over similar collusion and misrepresentation on Harrow Council, which has traditionally been strong for both Conservative and Labour groups even in bad years for either party.

It is clear that with the Liberal Democrats in serious decline due to them being exposed as just another establishment party, and with UKIP proving to be worse than any of the three major parties on most fronts (not just immigration) and not in contention much in metropolitan areas anyway, the people of Britain should recognise that we Greens can form a real alternative on local councils, and also in Parliament. By electing Greens, we can also help build a movement against the vicious cuts George Osborne, Vincent Cable, and Eric Pickles are forming together, and the total disregard for the environment Owen Paterson is showing.


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