Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bite the Ballot initiative and why we need to come out and vote

Today marks another anniversary of the historical Great Reform Act of 1832, one of the first ever steps taken towards fair democracy in Britain. 

As a result, a 'Bite the Ballot' initiative for National Voter Registration Day is spreading across Britain, encouraging young people and first-time voters to register to vote and then vote when the day comes, which is particularly important because the coalition government that hopefully will be voted out next year is mistreating young people particularly badly, knowing that young people are the least likely to vote in elections.

 The Electoral Reform Society has just revealed that a quarter of people aged 18-25 have never registered to vote in their lives.

One main problem we now face is that individual voter registration will now come into force, meaning that young people,especially students and those who move frequently, will find it difficult to register to vote in the constituency or local authority area they live in-yet another reason why first past the post should be scrapped.  As NUS President Toni Pearce points out, many students will now have to register to vote potentially as many as five times in a row in five different places.  We need to not let this deter us,though, from exercising our democratic rights.

 If you are a young person and are reading this post, please register to vote if you have not done so already, and please share this post with your friends so that we can all use our voice when it is needed most, and as soon as is possible vote out this heartless, inconsiderate coalition we have. As has been said so often, people throughout history have died to ensure that all of us adults have the right to vote in free and fair elections.


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