Tuesday, 18 February 2014

On tomorrow's upcoming anti-ATOS demo

Ladies and gentlemen, I call on you all tomorrow, if you can make it, to come to your nearest demonstration against ATOS, the company responsible for wrongly declaring thousands of people with disabilities 'fit to work' and thus responsible for thousands of deaths since January 2011 (estimates are >20,000 ATOS-attributed deaths at this time of writing), in protest of its grievous crimes against people with disabilities and mental health problems. I particularly hope that as many of my fellow Greens as possible can turn out , because the Green Party has rightly condemned ATOS' cruel, flawed and inconsiderate assessments from the start.

To find your nearest demonstration, please go to this link: http://ukrebellioncom.ipage.com/atosdemo/  (list of locations of anti-ATOS demonstrations on right of page)

It has also been reported that ATOS could have its contract revoked after a damning report on the way it has conducted Work Capability Assessments. This will not be nearly enough in my opinion- ATOS, Iain Duncan Smith, and Esther McVey (who allowed and encouraged ATOS to commit these grievous crimes) should be charged with at least mass corporate manslaughter as well. They need to be brought to justice-and fast.




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