Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The national day of action against ATOS and its crimes against people with disabilities and/or mental health problems

Ladies and gentlemen, if you came to any of the anti-ATOS demonstrations today that occurred across Britain, thank you for coming and showing solidarity.

I am pleased to say that in particular the main demonstration near ATOS' headquarters in Regent's Place, Camden, London, which I and several London Green Party members attended, had a good turnout and we were able to symbolise our solidarity with the friends and relatives of the thousands of people whose deaths are attributable to ATOS' actions. Bolsover's Labour MP, Dennis Skinner, and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett both spoke out against the damage ATOS and Iain Duncan Smith have done to our nation and spoke of how a fairer alternative to help people with disabilities is needed.

Simply ending ATOS' contract will not solve the current problem-the entire system of Work Capability Assessments must be scrapped and a fairer, more honest system of helping people with disabilities and/or mental health problems get the specific support they need to either work or to be supported (in the rare cases when they are actually unable to work effectively) needs to be implemented. 



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