Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why Green Parties in Britain and elsewhere need to have clear policies on the Arctic Ocean

Ladies and gentlemen, I have spoken before on the importance of protecting the Arctic Ocean particularly from oil and gas companies. It is clear that an international treaty needs to be made on the Arctic Ocean, similar to existing treaties on the Antarctic ice sheet (which for example ban military activity of any type occurring there) in order to protect it, indigenous communities living near the Arctic Ocean, and ultimately all of us.

This year, I am pushing for the Green Party to have a clear and firm policy on how we should all protect the Arctic Ocean, and I hope other Green Parties from across the world will implement similar policies if they do not already have them. The threats to the Arctic Ocean and major ice sheets in general are some of the greatest threats the world is facing this century-and we need to act on it as soon as possible to avoid the potentially devastating consequences of rising sea levels that will result from melting ice caps and resulting stream shifts.


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