Friday, 7 March 2014

Local by-election results (06/03/14) and other thoughts

The latest local by-election results featuring Green candidates read as follows:

Ashford, Wye: Ashford Independent 323 (43.1%), Con 240 (32.0%), UKIP 97 (12.9%), Green 55 (7.3%), Lab 22 (2.9%), Lib Dem 13 (1.7%).

Bury, Ramsbottom: Con 1398 (47.0%), Lab 1033 (34.7%), UKIP 351 (11.8%), Green 157 (5.3%), Lib Dem 38 (1.3%).

Given that we had not stood in either ward for a few years, we did rather well, particularly in Wye where our candidate, long-serving member Geoff Meaden, got more votes than the Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates combined!  

One notable result so embarassing for the Liberal Democrats it made some national newspapers was in Clifton North, Nottingham where perennial candidate David Bishop of the Bus Pass Elvis Party beat the Lib Dem candidate by 11 votes. What the media did not mention was that UKIP had ruined the Conservatives' efforts in Nottingham once again (Clifton North is one of the few wards in Nottingham with any Conservative councillors left).

Speaking of the Liberal Democrats once again, I wish to remind you that there is a protest outside the Liberal Democrat conference in York tomorrow, and that there will be a 'field hospital' for 'traumatised Liberal Democrats' within the event, run by local Green Party members. If you are able to come along to that protest (I will be busy in Ely tomorrow), please do and expose the Liberal Democrats' core betrayal to not only the people of York but to their supporters past and present.



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  1. I'm all for protesting outside the Libdem conference, but really not sure that the idea of a 'field hospital for traumatised libdems' is appropriate - I hope this is a joke because it seems pretty unfunny to trivialise what trauma actually means to people that have experienced it.