Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My tribute to Bob Crow

Bob Crow, the leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers' Union, or RMT, suddenly died today, aged just 52. It has been confirmed now that a heart attack was the cause of his death (updated). This came to me as a great shock when I first heard about it, and I will miss him and his activism on London's streets.

Bob Crow was first elected RMT leader in 2002 following the death of Jimmy Knapp. In the nearly 12 years he led RMT, he was a resourceful, faithful, and determined leader who wanted to make sure that his colleagues got what they needed in this often dangerous and harrowing work sector. He was also able to ensure he was thorn in the side of the right-wing capitalist elite, and most of all, London Mayor Boris Johnson. Despite the perceived extremism of some of his views, he still got the job done and fought for the members and workers of RMT when it was needed. 

I ask you all to remember his legacy, and continue to fight to bring our railways and other public transport back into public hands, away from the private operators Bob fought against so often. Remember, the future is in all our hands, not just those of one great hero. I would like to thank everyone, particularly the Green Party, who has paid tributes to him so far.

In memory of Bob Crow, leader of RMT from 2002-2014 and left-wing activist, born 13 June 1961, who departed this life on 11 March 2014, aged 52 years.

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