Monday, 17 March 2014

Will modern Europe as we know it splinter apart?

There has been a lot of talk about independence/separation referenda across Europe that have occurred or will occur this year. The referenda in question being Crimean separation from Ukraine, Scottish Independence from the rest of Britain, Catalonian independence from Spain, and most recently, Venice from the rest of Italy.

It is also known that the worldwide economic recession has been a major factor behind some of these referenda, especially in Catalonia which among Spanish provinces is suffering a lot under Mariano Rajoy's neoliberal, Troika-assisted regime. 

As Europe's population continues to grow, many federal states that have traditionally had a strong regional identity within their own nations, such as Bavaria (and to a lesser extent Schleswig-Holstein) in Germany, and Scotland in the UK, are generally becoming more and more resentful of their lack of sufficient autonomy, particularly in economic and environmental matters. These four upcoming referenda are, I am sure, just the start of a chain of events that will over the course of the next few decades cause most European nations to either split apart or at least lose important regions- they are not just coincidental.

 What are your thoughts on this matter,ladies and gentlemen?

Regards, Alan.


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  1. Maybe but don't the borders of Europe change all the time, at least every 20 years if not more? But good point!