Monday, 28 April 2014

May Day demo on Thursday-why you should come along

Ladies and gentlemen, if you live close to London, or in Greater London itself, there is a demonstration on May Day, internationally recognised as a day of solidarity for workers and ordinary people like you and I, in Clerkenwell Green, London, which will eventually reach Trafalgar Square.

In light of what has been going on these past four years, and the fact that the European elections of 2014 could be make or break for many ordinary people in Britain for a variety of reasons, I ask you,please, that if you can, come down to Clerkenwell Green, London, on 1 May starting at 11 am. With too much media attention focused on clashes between the Liberal Democrats and UKIP-both of whom are just different strands of the same neoliberal, un-green establishment- people across Britain need to make their voice heard and help rally support for the Green alternative in Britain, especially given that European election polls for the London area worryingly predict that Jean Lambert MEP, a very compassionate Green who has been a noble and valiant representative for Londoners, could potentially lose her European Parliament seat to UKIP, and in area known for its cosmopolitan and diverse culture as well.

Just so you know, on the day the 2014 May Day demo of London will start in Clerkenwell Green, contain some good speakers, and will in the afternoon finish with a tribute in Trafalgar Square to Bob Crow and Tony Benn.

Regards, Alan.

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