Thursday, 24 April 2014

The interesting opponents we British Greens face in the European Elections 2014 race

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In case you have not already looked at any statements of persons nominated files released by regional returning officers today, here is the list of opponents we face in each region (asterisks mean either an Independent candidate or a party with only one candidate in this region):

East Midlands opponents (list leaders):
An Independence From Europe (Chris Pain)
British National Party (Catherine Duffy)
Conservative Party (Emma McClarkin)
English Democrats (Kevin Sills)
Harmony Party (Steve Ward) *
Labour Party (Glenis Willmott)
Liberal Democrats (Bill Newton Dunn)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Roger Helmer)

East of England opponents (list leaders):
 An Independence from Europe (Paul Witten)
British National Party (Richard Perry)
Christian People's Alliance (Carl Clark)
Conservative Party (Vicky Ford)
English Democrats (Robin Tillbrook)
Labour Party (Richard Howitt)
Liberal Democrats (Andrew Duff)
No2EU (Brian Denny)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Patrick O'Flynn)

London opponents (list leaders):
4 Freedoms Party (Dirk Hazell)
An Independence From Europe (Paul Burns)
Animal Welfare Party (Vanessa Hudson)
British National Party (Stephen Squire)
Christian People's Alliance (Sidney Cordle)
Communities United Party (Kamran Malik)
Conservative Party (Syed Kamall)
English Democrats (Jenny Knight)
Europeans United Party (Thomas Tomescu)
Harmony Party (David Vincent) *
Labour Party (Claude Moraes)
Liberal Democrats (Sara Ludford aka Baroness Ludford)
National Health Action (Dr. Louise Irvine)
National Liberal Party (Graham Williamson)
No2EU (Edward Dempsey)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Gerard Batten)

North East England (list leaders):
An Independence From Europe (Sherri Forbes)
British National Party (Martin Vaughan) 
Conservative Party (Martin Callanan)
English Democrats (Kevin Riddiough)
Labour Party (Jude Kirton-Darling)
Liberal Democrats (Angelika Schneider)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Jonathan Arnott)

North West England (list leaders):
An Independence From Europe (Helen Bashford)
British National Party (Nick Griffin)
Conservative Party (Jacqueline Foster)
English Democrats (Stephen Morris)
Labour Party (Theresa Griffin)
Liberal Democrats (Chris Davies)
No2EU (Roger Bannister)
Pirate Party (Maria Artelouaki)
Socialist Equality Party (Chris Marsden)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Paul Nuttall)

South East England (list leaders):
An Independence From Europe (Laurence Stassen)
British National Party (John Robinson)
Christian People's Alliance (Norman Burnett)
English Democrats (Steven Uncles)
Harmony Party (Terry Leach)
Labour Party (Annelise Dodds)
Liberal Democrats (Catherine Bearder)
Liberty GB (Paul Weston)
Peace Party (John Morris)
The Roman Party, Ave! (Jean-Louis Pascal) *
Socialist Party GB (Dave Chesham)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Nigel Farage)
YOURvoice (Julian James)

South West England (list leaders):
 An Independence From Europe (David Smith)
British National Party (Adrian Rommilly)
Conservative Party (Andrew Fox)
English Democrats (Alan England)
Labour Party (Claire Moody)
Liberal Democrats (Graham Watson)
United Kingdom independence Party (William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth)

West Midlands (list leaders):
An Independence From Europe (Mark Nattrass)
British NationalParty (Michael Coleman)
Conservative Party (Phillip Bradbourn)
English Democrats (Derek Hilling)
Harmony Party (Reg Marina) *
Labour Party (Neena Giff)
Liberal Democrats (Phil Bennion)
No2EU (Dave Nellist)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Jill Seymour)
We Demand a Referendum Now (Nikki Sinclare)

Yorkshire and the Humber (list leaders):
 An Independence From Europe (Christopher Booth)
British National Party (Marlene Guest)
Conservative Party (Timothy Kirkhope)
English Democrats (Chris Beverley)
Labour Party (Linda McIvan)
Liberal Democrats (Edward MacMillan-Scott)
No2EU (Trevor Howard)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Jane Collins)
Yorkshire First (Stewart Arnold)

Scotland (list leaders):
Britain First (James Doveson)
British National Party (Kenneth McDonald)
Conservative Party (Ian Duncan)
Labour Party (David Martin)
Liberal Democrats (George Lyon)  
No2EU (John Foster)
Scottish National Party (Iain Hudghton)
United Kingdom Independence Party (David Coburn)   
 Wales (list leaders):
Britain First (Paul Golding)
British National Party (Mike Whitby)
Conservative Party (Kay Swinbourne)
Labour Party (Derek Vaughan)
Liberal Democrats (Alec Dauncey)
No2EU (Robert Griffiths)
Plaid Cymru (Jill Evans)
Socialist Labour Party (Andrew Jordan)
Socialist Party GB (Brian Johnson)
United Kingdom Independence Party (Nathan Gill)    

Northern Ireland (each party, including ours, has only submitted one candidate apiece for the 3 STV seats in that EP constituency):
Jim Allister (Traditional Unionist Voice)     
Martina Anderson (Sinn Fein)
Alex Attwood (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Mark Brotherston (Conservative Party of Northern Ireland)
Diane Dodds (Democratic Unionist Party)
Anna Lo (Alliance Party)
Tina McKenzie (NI21/Aspire to Better)
Jim Nicholson (Ulster Unionist Party)
Henry Reilly (United Kingdom Independence Party)

I wish the best of luck to Kat Boettge, Rupert Read, Jean Lambert, Shirley Ford, Peter Cranie, Keith Taylor, Molly Scott-Cato, Will Duckworth, Andy Cooper, Maggie Chapman (Scottish Greens), Pippa Bartolotti (Welsh Greens), and Ross Brown (Northern Irish Greens) who will be doing their best to help us get more representation in the European Parliament and give Britain a greener voice in Europe :)

Kind regards, Alan.


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