Friday, 18 April 2014

Why capitalism is morally sinful and green socialism is morally virtuous

It is the Easter weekend, folks, in case you are not aware or are atheist or are not Christian.

Therefore, I believe it is time to speak of how politics and religion can intermingle-starting with why I believe the capitalist system commits all seven deadly sins, the seven first highlighted by Pope Gregory I over 1,500 years ago.

Pride: Capitalism commits pride, and encourages it, by constantly claiming that it is superior without good cause, blaming others for its mistakes, and failing to admit it is wrong, simply to protect its profits.

Envy: The capitalist system, because of its gross inequality, creates envy amongst many ('keeping up with the Joneses comes to mind), and encourages people to commit crime just to have goods they do not currently have, to feel good within a capitalist system.

Greed: Capitalism, by its very nature, continues and continues to want more and more, simply because it can, and it encourages people to do the same, even if only subtlely.

Gluttony: The nature of capitalism also means it consumes excessively, and it encourages people to take pleasure in consumption-in all sorts of different ways.

Wrath: The capitalist system routinely uses violence to protect itself, and profits enormously from the arms trade.

Lust: Capitalism recklessly encourages lust by doing all it can to persuade as many people as possible to buy its goods and find pleasure in having items they do not really need.

Sloth: Capitalism encourages laziness and is in of itself lazy-taking the easiest route to profit. In particular, those at the top of the capitalist system often do as little as possible by forcing other people to do their work for them.

On the contrary, here is how in my opinion green socialism can be virtuous in all seven ways:

Humility: Green and democratic socialism can recognise that we are born equal, and should strive towards equality for humans and animals.

Kindness: Greens naturally know how important compassion and friendship are to humans, and why we need to show them to keep our bonds stable.

Patience: A green society will naturally discourage violence as much as possible, and strives toward peace and tranquility for all.This also means we forgive and forget mistakes we made, as long as we learn from them.

Diligence: A green and socialist society knows that it is necessary to be vigilant to maintain our achievements in the long term, and keep humanity on the right path.

Charity: Greens and socialists like myself know how important it is to be generous (in a green and sustainable way), especially to the less fortunate in human society, and how we should distribute things fairly.

Temperance: A green and socialist society needs to show restraint to ensure that important values humanity needs are kept, in the short and long term, and it needs to be moderate so it can act fairly, honestly and justly.

Chastity: A green society will help us avoid temptation and/or corruption, and will embrace important concepts such as knowledge and wisdom, to help us become more progressive.

Regards, Alan.




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