Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Why we Greens should stand in the upcoming Newark by-election

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now known that Patrick Mercer, who was Conservative MP for Newark, Nottinghamshire from 2001 to 2014, has just resigned after learning that he would face being suspended from the House of Commons for six months over a 'cash for questions' scandal involving a fake Fijian lobbying company.

Although the date of this parliamentary by-election has not been announced yet, it is already known that Robert Jenrick will fight this (currently) safe Conservative seat for the Conservatives and that Nigel Farage will not stand on UKIP's behalf.

Even though it has been a while since the Green Party stood in Newark, here are five good reasons why we should stand:

1. To give credibility to the fact that we are a serious and real alternative nationally to the four mainstream, neoliberal parties of Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, and UKIP.
2. To show people that there are no 'no-go areas' for green politics in the UK.
3. To help promote the green alternative in the UK more despite the limited coverage the media will give us compared to mainstream policies.
4. The Newark area has the lovely Sherwood forest, which could be in danger if the ConDems continue to get their way.
5. Nottinghamshire is still threatened by fracking, so we should stand there to continue to champion the cause of renewable energy over shale gas.



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