Thursday, 8 May 2014

Full slate ahead

Ladies and Gentlemen, having been quite busy I have not been able to comment on this blog much about local elections which are taking place the same day as European elections. But I would like to applaud specifically the Green Parties who put up full slates in their council area (assuming their council area is having elections this year, which many are). They are (by region):


Camden, Croydon,Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Lambeth, Lewisham. Islington and Lewisham lack full slates for the Conservatives, notably.

East of England: 

Colchester, Norwich, North Hertfordshire, St. Albans* (alliance with Harpenden independents in Harpenden wards).

West Midlands:

Coventry (TUSC have a full slate there also, a red-green alliance in Coventry may be useful in future elections in my opinion), Dudley (hopefully we can get a second council seat in Netherton and Woodside at least), Rugby, Worcester, Solihull* (only two wards without a Green candidate, and we are in good standing to become official opposition on Solihull council)

North West:

Manchester, Liverpool, Trafford (one of only 2 currently Conservative-controlled Metropolitan Boroughs), Tameside (no Liberal Democrat candidates there),  Wirral (hopefully we can finally win Birkenhead ward), South Lakeland (good potential for us in light of Labour weakness there)

Yorkshire and the Humber:

Leeds, Sheffield, Kirklees.

South East:

Reading, Oxford, Worthing.

South West:

Bristol, Exeter, Stroud.

I do of course wish the other Green Parties in areas with elections this year who were not able to put up full slates for some reason the best of luck, and I hope our efforts will inspire the British public to see there is a real alternative to the 3 mainstream parties who have been misruling local governments for years, and also UKIP who will make things worse. As we have shown in Brighton, Norwich, Oxford and Stroud, our presence on councils will make things better and more progressive.




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  1. Hi Alan,

    Just discovered your blog, and I note that you said a red-green alliance may be useful in Coventry. I'm one of the core group of Coventry Green Party, and we've floated the idea of an alliance of sorts with the Socialists in the past. We have deliberately not stood in their target ward in the past, but have got nothing back from them in return (despite repeated discussions on the issue). This year we decided that there was no point in holding back, especially with the European elections happening alongside the locals for the first time since we were (re)founded.

    In addition, the Socialists' vote is largely a personal vote for Dave Nellist (who, if you didn't know, was a Labour MP who was expelled for being part of Militant). Their target ward is about half student, and I expect that the vast majority of our vote there will come from left-leaning students who have never heard of Dave. So us being on the ballot will probably hurt the Labour incumbent's chances more than it will hurt Dave Nellist's chance of re-election.