Friday, 23 May 2014

Local elections-how Green did they get?

Ladies and gentlemen, local election results are finally here, and usually, the news is good for us Greens. 

Here are councils where we made Green gains:

Islington: We gained 1 seat in Highbury East, well done Caroline Russell. Without you, Labour would have had complete control of Islington council due to the fact the Liberal Democrats lost all their seats in Islington.

Lambeth: We gained 1 seat; the Conservatives lost 1 of their few seats, and the Liberal Democrats were wiped out in Lambeth.

Epping Forest: We gained 1 seat, although UKIP gained 2 on Epping Forest. The Conservatives still control Epping Forest council.

Leeds: We gained 1 seat in Headingley, formerly held by the Liberal Democrats who were pushed into third place. No other changes happened there.

Liverpool: We gained 2 seats, giving us a total of 4 there, and are now the official opposition on Liverpool Council! The Liberal Democrats lost all of the seats they were defending in Liverpool, which thankfully rejected UKIP as well.

Solihull: We gained 4 seats, bringing us up to 9, and are now the official opposition in Solihull! Nonetheless, we have much work to do as the Conservatives still control Solihull council.

Bristol: We gained 2 seats in Bristol, bringing us up to 6. The Liberal Democrats, who once led Bristol City Council, lost 7 seats in Bristol, 2 to us, 3 to Labour, 1 to the Conservatives, and 1 to UKIP.

Newcastle under Lyme: We made a surprise 1 seat gain in that borough. UKIP gained 5 councillors there, unfortunately.

Nuneaton and Bedworth: Thanks to the hard work of Keith and Michele Kondakor, we gained another seat on Nuneaton and Bedworth council. The Conservatives lost 4 councillors (3 to Labour, 1 to us) and are down to just 3 there.

Oxford: We made a net gain of 1 councillor there, as despite gaining 2 from the Liberal Democrats we unfortunately lost a seat to Labour. 

Stroud: We gained 1 seat in the ward of Stroud Central, bringing us up to 6. The collapse of the Liberal Democrats in Stroud was notable, with seats lost by them because they could not even find candidates to defend them.

Wirral: We finally gained the ward of Birkenhead and Tranmere after quite a few years of trying. This gives us our first seat on Wirral Council.

Worthing: Former Liberal Democrat councillor/parliamentary candidate James Doyle won a seat off the Liberal Democrats there; well done to James. The Liberal Democrats lost 5 seats there, their other 4 losses being to the Conservatives and UKIP (who won their first council seat in Worthing) respectively.

We also held the seats we were defending in Bradford, Kirklees, Norwich, and Reading- Norwich being particularly important given Labour's heavy targeting of it.

The few bits of bad news for us Greens:

Cambridge: We have not been able to get back onto Cambridge City council despite our efforts. In other news there, the Liberal Democrats have lost 7 seats there, 6 to Labour and 1 to an Independent.

Watford: We had a double election in Callowland ward, and we lost both seats we were defending there-what happened? Meanwhile, it has been a good night somewhat for the Liberal Democrats in Hertfordshire-they did not lose any seats in Watford and still hold the council, and their mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, was easily re-elected. They also held Three Rivers council, avoided a net loss in Welwyn Hatfield (lost one to the Conservatives but gained one from the Conservatives), and held their ward in Stevenage. (They did lose three councillors in North Hertfordshire,though).

St. Albans: We narrowly failed to gain an extra seat there in St. Peters ward-good effort by Jill Mills, though.

This looks good for us when the European elections results come out on Sunday 25th-I wish all of our European candidates the best of luck.









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