Sunday, 4 May 2014

Recent green thoughts of mine

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to report that the Green Party is pulling ahead of the Liberal Democrats in polls for European elections in Britain. Both the Sunday Times and YouGov have polled us at 8-9%, with the Liberal Democrats only on 7%. It is worth remembering,however, that we polled 8.4% nationally in 2009, so I hope you can all push harder to help get more Green MEPs elected in the UK. If we try hard enough, we could (potentially) get as many as 8 Green MEPs elected, although getting 6 Green MEPs will be a good achievement for Britain. Notably, we are polling at 17% amongst younger voters (18-24 years of age) which will work out well in London where there are many young people. I must say it could potentially be a problem in the South West (one of our targets), which by the standards of English regions has a large proportion of people over the age of 55, who have consistently shown in European elections polling over the last year to be the least likely to vote Green and conversely the most likely to vote UKIP.

Caroline Lucas MP and Jenny Jones AM, aka Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, are thankfully trying to bring GCHQ (General Communications Headquarters, the UK's main service for spying on civilian communications) to account over its violation of the Wilson doctrine, as GCHQ have been spying on them. The Wilson doctrine, named after late Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (who in my opinion is the last decent PM Britain has had), means that surveillance of any type, including electronic surveillance, of MPs and peers is not allowed except in a 'national emergency'. GCHQ therefore has no excuse for spying on opposition MPs, and in either case, a green society will hopefully lead to the end of GCHQ (as well as MI5 and MI6, merely tools of the establishment).

Finally, it has been confirmed that Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, has won the PPC selection battle of Holborn and St. Pancras. Despite the fact Holborn and St. Pancras has traditionally been a safe Labour seat, I hope Natalie will do her best to win in 2015, whether its ageing MP Frank Dobson (who is 74 years of age at this time of writing) retires or not. And I give my commiserations to Gospel Oak activist Constantine Buhayer, who Natalie defeated in this selection.




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