Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Recent green thoughts on Europe.

Last stop before polling day, folks. And this year, especially due to the TTIP threat and Eurosceptic parties making large inroads in many nations (according to polling data there), so much is at stake for people in Britain and elsewhere in the European Union.

Firstly, my comment on the Greek elections is that whilst SYRIZA have thankfully done well, their performance is not as good as it could have been, not only due to issues with local organisation in some parts of Greece but also because their vote is still being split by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which is orthodox communist, and Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA), whose hardline stances make SYRIZA look like moderates. One worrying result was the extreme-right Golden Dawn (XA) party's mayoral candidate gaining 16% of the vote in Athens, even though its support had slumped some months earlier after the murder of an anti-fascist rapper which was carried out by a Golden Dawn member; at least it was not enough for them to make the runoff. New Democracy (ND), the governing centre-right party in Greece passing out the Troika's austerity and misery onto ordinary Greeks, also failed to make the second round of the Athenian mayoral race for the first time since 1975. The second rounds of the Greek elections will conclude in five days, and I will give you updates then.

Secondly, I ask you all, in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, to make sure you go to the polling station tomorrow (assuming you have not cast a postal vote) and vote Green, and remind your friends and family to vote Green as well, as I have done. I hope the Green vision will come across Europe, and that voters in the EU will reject the neoliberal triad that is ALDE, EPP, and S&D, and also the racist right that consists of EFD and some other non-inscrit parties.

Only we Greens completely reject TTIP, promise a referendum on EU membership, promise to save the NHS, promise to put public services back into public hands, promise to oppose fracking, and promise to increase investment in renewable energy.



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