Monday, 5 May 2014

Recent news brings stronger evidence in favour of Irish reunification

It has been widely reported that Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, voluntarily handed himself in to the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) to answer allegations over the 1972 murder of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 killed by the IRA, even though the Police Service of Northern Ireland is almost as pro-unionist, imperialist, anti-Catholic and nasty as the thugs who made up the Royal Ulster Constabulary.This arrest has been widely (and correctly, in my opinion) deplored as political policing.

I also think that the Taoiseach of Ireland, Enda Kenny, had at least a minor role in all of this, given that Mr. Kenny's party, the conservative Fine Gael, has a great dislike of Sinn Fein, and that Mr. Kenny surely sees Mr. Adams on a regular basis in the Dail. This is important to note due to Sinn Fein seeking to strengthen its presence in the European Parliament and Irish local elections occurring on the same day.

The sectarianism that pervades in Northern Ireland is also responsible behind a recent spate of attacks on Polish people in Belfast, blamed on the ultra-Protestant Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)- most Polish people are Roman Catholics by religion, including those who move to either part of Ireland. It has also been the reason why many nationalists have been arrested and detained compared to few unionists- and well known agreements generally end up in the unionists' favour in the long term as well. 

The important point is this: the so-called 'country' of Northern Ireland is an imperialist, colonialist construct- nothing more. Northern Ireland was also responsible for a decades-long Protestant-Catholic apartheid almost as bad in every way as the racial apartheid that occurred in South Africa from 1948-1994 and still occurs in Israel.

In light of these recent events, I believe, that for Britain and for Ireland's sake, the reunification of the six counties of Northern Ireland (even Down and Antrim, notoriously unionist) and the Republic of Ireland needs to happen as soon as possible, so that this sectarian violence and other nonsense will come to an end, so that the wounds of Ireland can be healed, and so that Britain can finally shed its imperialist past. 



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