Friday, 30 May 2014

The councils who defied UKIP to fly the Green Flag

In light of last week, Bristol Green Party, who received the most council votes on aggregate in wards within the Bristol West constituency ,has said several times that they believe the Green Party can win Bristol West next year, or failing that, in 2020. 

On aggregate, the Greens' share of the vote in Bristol West wards was 28%- and there are other councils in the nation where in terms of aggregate vote shares we finished second or third, or even first in rare cases. Here they are:


Barnet (11.1%;3rd behind Labour and Conservatives)
Camden (15.8%; 3rd behind Labour and Conservatives)
Enfield (11.5%, 3rd behind Labour and Conservatives)
Hackney (20.6%, 2nd to Labour but we sadly won no seats there)
Haringey (15.9%; 3rd behind Labour and the Liberal Democrats)
Islington (19.7%; 2nd to Labour and official opposition there,as we know)
Lambeth (15.5%; 2nd to Labour but we still only won 1 seat because of FPTP)
Lewisham (14.5%; 2nd to Labour and official opposition there, LewishamPeople Before Profit came third with 12.5% and the Con-Dems finished 4th and 5th)
Richmond upon Thames (12.7%; 3rd behind the Con-Dems but we beat Labour in terms of aggregate vote share there, quite a rare event)
Southwark (14.2%; 3rd behind Labour and Liberal Democrats)
Wandsworth (12.6%; 3rd behind Labour and Conservatives)
Westminster (13.5%; 3rd behind Labour and Conservatives; this was where London Green Party made its debut back in the 1970s when we were still the Ecology Party)

Metropolitan boroughs outside London:

Solihull (14.2%; 2nd behind the ever-dominant Conservatives and now the official opposition. 3rd, 4th, and 5th places in overall vote share close between Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP)
Manchester (12.8%; 2nd behind Labour but unfortunately we won no seats there)
Liverpool (10.7%; 2nd behind Labour and official opposition)

Unitary Authorities:

None, but an honourable mention goes to Bristol- even though we came 4th, we got 15.75% of the vote share on aggregate.

District Councils:

Cambridge (14.6%;3rd behind Labour and Liberal Democrats)
South Lakeland (8.6%;3rd behind the the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives; one of a handful of councils where the Greens' aggregate vote share was higher than Labour's) 
Honourable mention for Weymouth and Portland-we came 4th but we did surprisingly well by Dorset standards, gaining 12.5% of the votes there, ahead of UKIP overall, and nearly winning our first council seats there. 
Stroud (18%; 3rd behind Conservatives and Labour)
Norwich (30.3%;2nd behind Labour but our vote share increase was better than Labour's)
Oxford (20.2%; 2nd behind Labour, well up from the 4th place we got in 2010)

Glad that in the face of UKIP, these councils can wave the green flag-at least somewhat. Remember, 'though Liberals flinch and Tories sneer, we'll keep the green flag flying here!'



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