Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Deregulation Equals Danger

Earlier this week, George Monbiot in the Guardian warned about the dangers in the Infrastructure Bill, which as usual has been given scant if any coverage by the media. However, in combination with the Deregulation Bill, which has also received almost no media coverage, it is one the biggest dangers to the rights of the people of Britain that has ever been created by any British government.

Both the Deregulation Bill and the Infrastructure Bill seek to ruin our environment and democratic rights just to suit the arch-neoliberal agenda of the Con-Dems.

The Infrastructure Bill, and Deregulation Bill, if passed, will together, in Britain:

- Repeal important planning laws that protect Britain's natural spots and SSSIs
- Allow fracking under people's homes without their consent
- Require even bodies such as the Forestry Commission to promote economic growth above all else, even when it is clearly detrimental to their real priorities
- Repeal important environmental duties
- Remove our rights to open and democratic consultation over developments such as new roads
- Remove the requirement to take climate change into consideration in any new major planning developments e.g. new roads
- Delegate road planning powers to unaccountable 'strategic highways authorities', which will only be appointed by the Transport Secretary-not by the people or even Parliament.
- Allow the sale of any public land, including land needed to be kept public for environmental reasons (e.g. forests and beaches) to virtually anyone,including developers
- Effectively trample over public rights of way that have been enjoyed in many parts of Britain for so many years.

All these reasons stated above are why both these laws need to be opposed all the way, and stopped. Deregulation equals danger here; our land must be safeguarded and protected for the public good.

If you find any petitions that are against the dangerous provisions of the Deregulation Bill and/or the Infrastructure Bill, please sign them and share them.



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