Monday, 23 June 2014

Green Songs and Poetry: BBC, oh BBC

Hello, I have written a poem in light of the right-wing, pro-establishment bias the BBC has notably shown so far this year (and also before, of course), and their failure to give fair coverage to objectively important pieces of news such as the People's Assembly Against Austerity march.

BBC, oh BBC:

 BBC, oh BBC,
Your biased cameras never shine on me,
Despite your claim of impartiality.
Notably in elections of twenty-fourteen,
Your camera never zoomed in on the Greens.
Even though they had a good alternative,
You decided just to be lame and derivative.
BBC, oh BBC,
You instead adored and fawned to U K I P
Even though they have not one MP.
So much airtime did you give to Farage,
Voters stayed home due to the purple barrage.
Despite UKIP's misogyny and racism,
You gave them praise not real criticism.
You also give praise to dirty fracking,
Even when it will make the earth start cracking.
So BBC, yes BBC,
Do not be such an establishment nerd,
Show some respect and let everyone's voice be heard!
I hope you like this anti-BBC poem of mine-please share it!
Regards, Alan. 

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