Friday, 27 June 2014

Local by-election results from June and other thoughts of the day

Ladies and gentlemen, the results of the only two local by-elections from this month to feature Green candidates were as follows:

South Lanarkshire, Clydesdale South (1st preferences): Labour 1492 (40.8%), SNP 1170 (32.0%), Conservative 659 (18.0%), UKIP 233 (6.4%), Green 104 (2.8%).

Barnet , Colindale (actually a deferred election): Lab 2098 (average of 3; 67.9%), Conservative 462 (15.0%), UKIP 308 (10.0%), Green 117 (3.8%), Lib Dem 103 (3.3%).

Notably, the Colindale ward election was deferred because it was one of our candidates who had died-Jessica Yorke. Unfortunately, despite the fact I have spoken with many members of Barnet Green Party so far, I never got to meet Jessica before she died. I would like to say that Jess, we did our best for you (by coming ahead of the Liberal Democrats on aggregate) and we will remember you. 

As a graduate who is still seeking work, I feel that it is important to note that the fact 18,000 graduates are still unemployed six months after graduation, and that most of these have arts or humanities degrees, shows not only our nation's failure to treat education properly but also its excessive bias towards sciences and other more academic subjects. Both art and science of all types need to be valued in order for our society, and any human society for that matter, to function properly, and in particular the science of psychology needs to be more utilised for society to become more understanding and more coherent, and also more equal. I believe that a Green society can value both arts and science, and help ensure people can study to enjoy knowledge, not just to get a job-education should not be exclusively geared towards work.



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