Sunday, 22 June 2014

On the People's Assembly march of 21 June

Yesterday, on 21 June 2014, aka the summer solstice of 2014, the People's Assembly Against Austerity staged their national demonstration outside Broadcasting House, London, which is notable as the headquarters of the BBC- aka the biased broadcasting corporation. Over 50,000 people turned out that day, myself included, and we had a good march to Parliament Square near the House of Commons. We had also come from all manner of left-wing groups and unions, including the Green Party, Left Unity, the Socialist Party, Counterfire, the National Health Action Party, Unite, and the Fire Brigades Union, and not just from London but from sometimes as far away as Bath and Yeovil.

Many great speakers spoke there in addition to Romayne Phoenix, who de facto leads the People's Assembly, including Caroline Lucas, Russell Brand, Christine Blower, Francesca Martinez, and many others. Although I attended the march I sadly did not stay for the entire event, as I had come there from a summer gathering run by a group called People and Planet which had lasted for a week, and I wanted to get home and rest, particularly after having learned that day that England have already been eliminated from this year's FIFA World Cup.
 Nevertheless, I enjoyed the march, particularly in the company of Young Greens who had attended (Siobhan, Charlene, Thom, Amelia, Adam, Rosie, Jasmine and Benali) and I am pleased the People's Assembly can at least help to bring people together to unite against the establishment-not just the three main political parties but also the mainstream media, the large corporations and the major banks.

Despite the popularity of the march, and the fact it started outside BBC headquarters, the BBC refused to give us even a minute of coverage- BBC bias strikes again. ITV, Sky News, and disappointingly Channel Four were also complicit in the media blackout. I am pleased for RT (Russia Today) covering our march, and I believe alternative news stations need to spring up more across Britain so that there is a fair spectrum of news stories-the BBC appears to be cherry picking stories and not even trying to uphold its claim of 'official impartiality' these days.




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