Thursday, 24 July 2014

American and European imperialism are responsible for Israel not being held to account for its crimes

Ladies and gentlemen, so far in the recent attacks on Gaza by Israel, 750 people have been killed by Israeli bombs and missiles-these incidents constitute a massacre of innocent people, not a war, and thus a war crime.

Despite the many war crimes the state of Israel has committed against not only Palestine but also other nations (notably Lebanon) in its existence, Israel has never been held to account for any war crimes or its many UN Security Council resolution violations. The main reason for this is the influence of the USA on Israel- and the USA, being one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, can veto proposed sanctions on Israel at pretty much any time.

The most recent UN vote on whether Israel should be held to account (aka a resolution on enforcing respect for international law in the Palestinian Territories) shows a major factor in not only the BBC's biased coverage of the events in Gaza but also Europe's attitude to this issue-not only did the USA vote against holding to Israel to account in this matter (as it always has done on similar issues regarding Israel) but every EU nation which voted here abstained. (Two European nations which are not part of the EU, Macedonia and Moldova, also abstained for some reason)

The reason those EU nations abstained? Many prominent European nations (Britain, France, Germany particularly) have exported arms to Israel and also purchase many Israeli arnaments.  This is in spite of the fact they have warned their own people not to invest in the illegal Israeli West Bank settlements, which are built on land stolen from Palestinians. Many EU states also still do not officially recognise Palestine as a sovereign even when more than half of the world's nations recognise Palestinian sovereignity. Also, the EU as a whole is Israel's largest trading partner-economic interests were clearly behind the abstention of those European nations on that important vote, which could have resulted in sanctions against Israel.

It is therefore clear that Western dominance and wealth have allowed Israel to attack Palestine and other Middle Eastern nations, and kill innocent people within Palestine for no reason, without suffering any reprecussions, in the same way that the power of the British establishment in the past allowed the late Jimmy Savile and so many other prominent figures to commit despicable sexual acts against young children. The UN collectively needs to resist the USA's influence and make sure justice is done here-notably all of the emerging BRICS bloc of nations voted for the resolution I mentioned earlier.

I also strongly believe reform of the United Nations is needed to finally bring Israel, the USA and a few other nations which have evaded fair justice so far, to justice for the war crimes and crimes against humanity they have committed which because of US (and sometimes UK) influence they have never been held to account for. For example, there should be no permanent members of the UN Security Council at all, and certainly no UN Security Council member (or UN General Assembly member) should have any right of veto within any resolution that has been reached fairly and democratically. 

Meanwhile, I stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and give my condolences to all the Gaza citizens who have died in this recent massacre so far.



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