Monday, 21 July 2014

Green songs and poetry: Wye, oh river Wye

Wye, oh river Wye,
Do you gleam ever so brightly?
Wye oh river Wye,
Does your stream flow so sprightly?

 I have looked upon your green waters,
 Which flow without fear,
Your stream rarely falters,
Across Powys and Herefordshire.

Wye oh river Wye,
Are you so natural and so clear?
But Wye oh river Wye,
Are the houses near to you so dear?

To many small towns
Down in that fair valley,
You have brought vibrance
For which we thank you gladly.

 Wye oh river Wye,
You are so clear, by and by.
But Wye oh river Wye,
Do your waters never touch fair Oswestry?

Sometimes dear river Wye,
Do I have to travel so far upstream,
To admire you? Is it because 
Your waters are not all what they seem?

Wye oh river Wye,
Your calm waters bring me a worthy invite,
But Wye oh river Wye,
Does your gleam not bring watery light?


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