Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My thoughts on the upcoming 2014 Green Party internal elections

Ladies and gentlemen, the internal Green Party executive contests will be rather interesting, to say the least. In 2012, The Independent (and some other newspapers) kept a close eye (at least for a few days) on the Green Party leadership election of that year and the four contenders, following Caroline Lucas' decision to concentrate on parliamentary duties, so I might as well post about this now.

I am pleased to say that Natalie will effectively be running unopposed for Green Party leader, as she has done an excellent job for the Green Party over the last 2 years despite not having nearly as much charisma as Caroline has, and despite all that has been prevailing against us these past few years. The contests for male deputy leader (we now have two deputy leaders, not one) and international coordinator will be the most interesting, although I am banking on Will Duckworth and Derek Wall (opposed by Ray Cunningham and Anna Clarke, who I know nothing about at the moment) to be reelected to those positions without any real problems, particularly given Will's help in making West Midlands Green Party make great steps forward, especially in Solihull and Warwickshire. Nonetheless, given the candidates' statements I have seen, Mark Ereira-Guyer, Rob Telford and Shahrah Ali will give Will a tough contest here, and the same will be true in the Trade Union Liason officer contest, where Newark by-election candidate David Kirwan is running against Romayne Phoenix, even though Romayne has proven herself well not only in the Green Party but also in the People's Assembly. 

This internal election is still two months away at the moment-all I can do here is watch, wait, listen and cast my vote until it concludes in September.


UPDATE: Romayne Phoenix is in fact only running against RON in the GPEW Trade Union Liason Officer contest as David Kirwan's nomination papers were rejected.

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