Friday, 1 August 2014

My analysis of local by-election results (from 31/07/14) and other thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, although there was only one local by-election from yesterday featuring a Green candidate, here it is:

Rother DC, Darwell: Conservative 361 (42.7%), UKIP 182 (21.5%), Green 154 (18.2%), Lab 84 (9.9%), Liberal Democrat 65 (7.7%).

Rother, like many council areas in the South West (though the Rother area, which notably covers Bexhill-on-Sea and Rye, is in the South East), is a case where UKIP can damage the Lib Dem vote to almost the same extent they can damage the Conservative vote, and this was proven last night. Incidentally, Rother District Council was the very first British local council to elect an Ecology/Green councillor-as far back as 1976.

Another result worth mentioning is that of Mostyn, Flintshire. Even though this was won by an Independent, the Independent in question, David Roney, is actually a Wales Green Party member (as far as I know). Up until a few years ago, Flintshire was the sole Welsh authority to have a Green (or Plaid Werdd as they say in Welsh) councillor (there are at present sadly no Green councillors on Welsh local authorities), and I hope this recent by-election win by David can help restart the once reasonably strong Flintshire Green Party and thus help Wales Green Party in general.

I would on another note like to thank those who protested outside the Israeli embassy this evening in defence of Palestine and the people of Gaza. One, two, three, four, occupation no more!


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