Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Thoughts on Gaza and green developments

Ladies and gentlemen, it has just been noted that former Conservative Party chairman Sayeeda Warsi, aka Baroness Warsi, has just resigned from the Foreign Office over the ConDems' failure to take any action against Israel over its attacks on Gaza and its massacring of hundreds of innocent people there. 

Whilst I am pleased with Baroness Warsi for making this public resignation, I also believe that Parliament should be recalled from its current summer recess (due to last until early September) to take action against Israel in the midst of this situation. I therefore ask you all, as some others have done on Facebook and Twitter, to write to your MP and ask him to ask the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, to recall Parliament so that hopefully Britain can at least discuss imposing economic and social sanctions on Israel.

I am also pleased about recent ecological developments within Ireland and Nicaragua, on another note. The Republic of Ireland became the first nation in the world to introduce a sustainability programme for the food and drink it produces-important given Ireland's contributions to the food and drink market in the European Union and the increasing necessity of sustainable agriculture. And staying on the topic of green developments, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon praised Nicaragua for setting a goal of making almost all of its energy derivable from renewable resources within 15 years as part of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, supported by 80 nations around the world-at the same time that Britain, Australia, Canada and the USA are still focused on oil, gas, and fossil fuels in general. I believe more and more nations need to take note of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative soon-developing nations in particular will benefit greatly from it.


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