Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Corrections, apologies and additions

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to blog post #200 of Alan's Green Thoughts!

I hope that so far you have enjoyed reading my blog and I will continue to keep up with news on green issues, socialism, democracy, history, and the like.

However, as some readers have pointed out, I have made a few mistakes on this blog from time to time. Although I generally try to correct them before my blog posts reach you, a few inevitably sneak through the net.

I would like to make the following corrections and additions regarding my blog:

Blog post #8 'The real reasons for there being a deposit requirement in UK Parliamentary elections': Simone Wilkinson stood on a joint ticket (Women For Life on Earth and Ecology) not just an 'Ecology Party' ticket. (correction)

Blog post #13 'Well done these Young Greens': The male and female co-chair roles do not actually exist, as the Young Greens constitution simply says that of the two co-chairs, 'one must not self-define as male'. (correction)
Charlene Concepcion was re-elected as Young Greens Treasurer also in October 2013 (addition)

 Blog post #15 'Perennial candidates you may not have heard of': Jitendra Bardwaj polled 61 votes in Luton East in 1979-not 60. Helen Anscomb's highest vote total was actually 231 in North West Hampshire in the 1997 general election. (correction)

Blog post #114 'Thoughts on the Hungarian Parliamentary election of 2014' The highest number of constituency votes (Hungary uses MMP for elections) was polled by the Homeland Not For Sale Movement. (addition)
 Fidesz retained its supermajority after all. (addition)

Blog post #163 'Results and my analysis of recent Canadian by-elections' Camille Labchuk's vote in Trinity-Spadina's by-election was 1,880, giving her 5.4% of the vote not 5.6% of the vote (correction)
'Brian Doeher' should read 'Brian Deheer'; he also polled 453 votes not 449. (correction)
Larry Ashmore polled 991 votes-not 1,042 votes, giving him 5.4% of the vote not 5.8% of the vote. (correction)
Kevin Clarke scored 315 votes in the Scarborough-Agincourt by-election. (addition)

Blog post #167 'Our original British ecologists-where are they now?' Jonathan Porritt never left the Green Party and is still a member today. (As for whether he will contest elections again, I do not know.) (correction)
Brian Kingzett died some time ago. (addition)
 David Corry is still a Green Party member. (addition)
Geoff Garbett and Jonathan Tyler both plan to contest the 2015 general election, in Camborne & Redruth and York Central respectively. (addition)  

I would finally like to apologise for any alarm or distress that may have been caused to Amelia Womack and/or her friends through a particular blog post created a few months ago, which I have since deleted.  

 Please continue to watch, read, and share my blog :)

Best wishes, Alan.

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