Monday, 1 September 2014

Green thoughts of the day

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took part in anti-TTIP leafleting activities on Saturday 30th August, in 610 various locations across the nation. I would like to also thank 38 Degrees for organising it so we can raise awareness of how dangerous TTIP is and why we must persuade governments across the EU to stop it ever coming into force.

Secondly, on the Rotherham child abuse scandal, I must say that the reason behind these child care scandals of the past few decades and the failure to respond to them adequately and timely are due to systematic problems that occur all across Britain-not just in Rotherham. It is not just our practices and checks that need to change, but also our culture that fails to value the well-being or development of children enough, and which does not value sufficient standards of accountability or fair responsibility, both are which are needed when we strive to protect our children.

Finally, the results of Green Party Executive (GPEx) elections have just come in, and here is what I have to say.

I am above all very disappointed that Will Duckworth failed to be re-elected as Deputy Leader,despite the hard work he has done for the Green Party over the last two years especially in the West Midlands. Shahrar Ali of Brent Green Party narrowly beat him to this post by just 37 votes-1,314 to 1,277 on the second round. The election of Amelia Womack to the second Deputy Leader post was a foregone conclusion,it must be said-I hope it will be she and her inspiring work who helps break the apathy that is prevalent amongst younger voters (those of age 18-24) next year.

I give my congratulations to Natalie Bennett, Richard Mallender, Derek Wall, Romayne Phoenix, Howard Thorpe,Judy Maciejowska, Penny Kemp,Claire Phipps,Matt Hawkins,Mark Cridge,Sam Riches, Caroline Bowes, and Martin Collins who were elected or re-elected to the Green Party Executive today in the respective positions they stood for, and I wish you all the best of luck so that we can emerge from the next general election as true challengers to the LibLabCons and UKIP-the neoliberal capitalist establishment must fall, and soon!

Regards, Alan.


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