Saturday, 13 September 2014

Scotland needs independence not home rule!

With only five days to go before polling day of the Scottish independence referendum, and with polls still relatively close, all is heating up on the independence debate, in mainstream and non-mainstream media alike.

I still firmly believe (despite living in England) that Scotland should become independent, by the way :)

I also believe that the equivalent of 'Home Rule' for Scotland will not be good enough any more than 'Home Rule' would have been for Ireland had that come about rather than outright independence. Home Rule would still mean in practice being under the mercy of those banks and corporations which Jim Sillars rightly railed against recently,having to have the Queen as the head of state rather than an elected president, not being able to establish a new consensus more suited to Scotland's needs, and not having true independence from the Westminster establishment . Back in the 19th century when Home Rule for Ireland was debated, attempts to secure it failed, and what Ireland (well, apart from six of the nine counties in Ulster province,a) really wanted-and thankfully got, eventually- was true independence from the United Kingdom. 

Ireland, like all nations of the 20th century that declared independence from one or more imperial powers, has never looked back since.

Also, if Scotland votes for independence rather than for increased devolution (which probably will not happen anyway despite dubious promises from the LibLabCons; the three main parties cannot be trusted to deliver anything useful nowadays; previous promises of increased powers after the failed 1979 devolution referendums did not come to pass at any time during the long combined tenure of Thatcher and Major), all of Britain will have hope of breaking the grip of a wealthy elite that has oppressed Britain for so many centuries, and will be on the way to finding a better way of making things work on our island.



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