Friday, 3 October 2014

My analysis of recent local by-election results (from 02/10/14) and other thoughts

Readers, in case you missed them, the results from the local by-elections of yesterday which featured Green Party candidates were as follows:

Haringey LBC, Woodside: Labour 1331 (56.3%,-0.5%), Liberal Democrat 482 (20.4%,+8.6%), Green 191 (8.1%,-3.4%), UKIP 161 (6.8%,-0.5%), Conservative 140 (5.9%,-1.8%), TUSC 35 (1.5%,-1.3%), Independent G 23 (1.0%,-0.7%).

Cumbria CC, Windermere: Lib Dem 1061 (51.6%), Con 810 (39.4%), Independent 123 (6.0%, Green 61 (3.0%).

South Lakeland DC, Windermere Town: Lib Dem 416 (64%), Con 184 (28.3%), Green 50(7.7%).

South Tyneside MBC, Westoe: UKIP 676 (40.9%), Lab 625 (37.9%), Con 219 (13.3%), Green 90 (5.4%), Lib Dem 41 (2.5%).

I was hoping within Windermere that the absence of a Labour candidate would boost the Green vote in that area-however, unlike most of the country, the Liberal Democrats remain popular in the picturesque South Lakeland District, so I was left disappointed. Also, unusually for an area with very little Labour support, there is little UKIP support either- UKIP did not even stand in either of Windermere's local by-elections.

The Liberal Democrats did surprisingly well in Woodside, given that polls are as usual showing them nothing but woe and that Woodside ward, despite being in the relatively cosmopolitan Hornsey & Wood Green constituency, has never been won by any Liberal Democrat candidates in its history. As expected, it returned a large Labour majority, as it always has done.

In other news, I am very pleased to be a non-portfolio candidate in this year's elections to the Young Greens National Executive Committee. I will say that I am committed to increasing accessibility, increasing transparency and accountability in the Young Greens, and helping ensure the Young Greens Committee remains committed to core green values and ethics. I therefore hope that those of you out there who are Young Greens will vote for me #1 for Young Greens NEC, and come to our convention in Brighton on the weekend of 25 October to 26 October :)

Regards, Alan.

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  1. With a 'ban' of green policitics in the national media it is a wonder why we are getting a upward spike in our national/local membership. It will come in the end.