Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thoughts on yesterday's marches/Green songs and poetry: (Sometimes) you should get yourself disconnected

Yesterday, readers, I came down to London for the Britain Needs a Pay Rise March, which concluded with a good rally at Hyde Park. Thank you to everyone who took part, including the Green Party, RMT, CWU, NUT, NASUWT, Unite, UNISON, UK Uncut, and so many other organisations. With tens of thousands of us marching in London, as well as in Glasgow and Belfast, all mainstream media gave us coverage- even the Biased Brainwashing Corporation (as I like to call it these days, Private Eye style) put our march as one of its top three stories on its website.

At the same time, there was an Occupy Democracy protest in Parliament Square, where the Metropolitan Police tried to unlawfully evict my colleagues from Parliament Square; however, byelaws exist to protect our right to peaceful protest in these spaces. Public squares are not private property, by the way-Westminster City Council is a public and elected body, not a company.

The poor pay we are receiving, wherever we work, is symptomatic of the capitalist system that oppresses us, divides us, damages us mentally and physically, and does catastrophic damage to our environment in its relentless hunger for profits. Much of the advanced technology we see and use has actually made this worse in many ways, as many of us are becoming increasingly psychologically disconnected from each other when we are pressured to check the latest Tweet or Facebook status update, or new online sensation.

I believe that we need to try and be more connected to the natural world, and our planet, and not so much to all this technology. Here is a parodic song about it:

(sometimes) You Should Get Yourself Disconnected:

At some point, at some point, at some point,
You should for now get disconnected
Cause those constant online updates,
Have made you so distracted.

I see so many Tweets,
I see so many
Facebook updates.
So much buzzfeed,
So much to get on my plate.

We should get back with nature,
We should admire the trees,
Let's power done for a short time,
To save the birds and the bess.

(Sometimes) You should get yourself disconnected,
From your over-hyped iPhone,
Also that fancy new tablet,
And that new plasma TV.

(Then we can admire the trees....)

Those fancy smartphones are so dear,
Yet they'll only last two years.
What's the point of a huge techno-wave
When most of it is quickly thrown away?

We need to power down and remember,
Our planet must last forever.
The high tech pace stresses us constantly,
We should all find nature and relax quietly.

(Sometimes) You should get yourself disconnected,
From your over-hyped iPhone,
Also that fancy new tablet,
And that expensive plasma TV.

(Then we can admire the trees....)

We all need to get ourselves reconnected
With the earth, sea and sky,
This is all so much more precious,
Than a few more minutes on Sky(pe)

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  1. Nice poem, Alan - a little proofreading may be worthwhile.