Sunday, 23 November 2014

Green songs and poetry: Reclaim the stolen land

Reclaim the stolen land (I read this at an event last weekend):

People of Britain, let us come and occupy
On every square, every space, of public land.
Land stolen from our ancestors by the filthy rich,
Using force and capitalism's grabby hands.

Let us be fazed by nothing,
Not the police, not corporate guards, no-one,
Let us stride and thus fear nothing,
Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, the square shall be won.

People everywhere, let us reclaim the stolen land,
That has been despoiled by the rich, abused by the Crown.
Let us block the entry of those dirty fracking drills,
That blot the grass and trees and turn our drinking water brown.

Remember, this land was really ours all along,
Those peers do not really own it, they just took it without asking.
Let us strive to reclaim the stolen land,
To restore its glory, to let it become vibrant and shining.

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