Thursday, 4 December 2014

Green songs and poetry: Just appreciate our differences

Just Appreciate Our Differences (a poem about the importance of respecting diversity, and especially people with disabilities):

My fellow humans,
Just listen around you,
Just look around you,
Wherever you are.

We are not all the same,
But why should we let
Difference and diversity
Set us humans apart?

I am different, I act different,
But you cannot always see that.
You think I might be faking it,
You think it does not matter.

We all have our struggles,
Our paths, our quests,
I do as well, but they are more difficult,
I never chose to have a disability,
People never choose to acquire mental illness,
But still some of you and the media,
Want our heads on a platter.

We try to work, we try to help you,
Despite what we have to overcome,
But too often you fail to appreciate me
Or what I can bring to you and our world.

But I know you can all be compassionate,
When not being influenced by harmful media
Or by soulless corporations,
There may be things I find more difficult
To do or to understand,
A lot of the time, this hurts.

Important to tell you that
You could at some point
Acquire disability or poor mental health
Whether through fault or accident.
So just appreciate our differences,
Whatever they may be and however tough times are,
Please try and help us create a better world.

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