Friday, 23 January 2015

My analysis of recent local by-elections (from 22/01/2015) and other thoughts

Yesterday, the first local by-election in the UK of 2015 to feature a Green candidate occurred. Its results are as follows:

Fife UA, Kirkcaldy East: (first preference votes): SNP 1460 (47.3%, +10.9%), Labour 1088 (35.3%, -14.6%), Conservative 223 (7.2%, +1.2%), Green 126 (4.1%), UKIP 117 (3.8%), Liberal Democrat 40 (1.3%, -1.5%), Independent H 19 (0.6%), Independent MacI 12 (0.4%).

Given that the Fife area will generally be a strong fight between Labour and the SNP (except in North East Fife, where it will mainly be between the SNP and Liberal Democrats; the SNP are favourites to win here partly because long serving Liberal Democrat MP Menzies Campbell is retiring), I think the Scottish Greens' performance is respectable in this context. That said, the picture of Scottish politics looks particularly unpredictable and I am still unsure how many more seats the SNP could win this year.

I would also like to remind you that next Saturday (31 January) there will be a march for homes starting from Shoreditch, East London, with a feeder march starting from Elephant & Castle, South London. I hope you will be able to come in light of what 'The Super Rich and Us' has revealed about the increasing buy-out of housing stock by rich investors, which shuts out so many first-time buyers who have often saved up for years to have a home of their own, drives rents up contributing to social cleansing, and which indirectly contributes to rising homelessness. When there are 10 empty homes in London for every homeless person in London, it is time for us to stand up for the right to have proper shelter and a roof over our heads, regardless of how much wealth or how little wealth we may have.

If you have Facebook and would like to help us here, please visit these pages: (East London March for Homes) (South London March for Homes)
If not, please visit the March for Homes website:

Kind regards, Alan.

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