Friday, 27 February 2015

Green Songs and Poetry: Evening Mood

Evening Mood:

As the sun's bright rays prepare to rest,
From the duty of both light and shadow,
I hear the night call of the vivacious firecrest,
To its nest-mates does it then fly,
And to my dear friends I likewise follow.

The cosy atmosphere of our homes,
The lively greetings in our public houses,
The calmness of the trees in our forests and avenues,
When the evening mood settles we either are as quiet as a mouse,
Or outside we become loud, as for another night we prepare to roam.

Sometimes we are settled, wanting peace, wanting to sleep,
But other times we just want to be free and lively,
Having been confined at work and for hours hearing an answerphone beep.
Within the evening mood stress shall cool down and we shall become calm,
Rest, recreation, and relaxation their own healing balm.

So bright is the moonlight, so good is the sound of silence,
When we are at rest and at calm for this evening,
Going through what our body and mind are enjoying,
In this evening mood; if only we all had somewhere
To have peace so our often-stressed minds can focus elsewhere.

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