Saturday, 7 February 2015

Green tips for Valentine's day weekend

Readers, love may be in the air this month, but we need to love our planet as much as we love each other.

Let me start on flowers. Roses are expensive due to high demand, and there are other lovely flowers also in season at this time of the year. Marigolds, lilies, tulips and sunflowers make good and more cost-effective substitutes for roses in romantic bouquets, for example.

When buying chocolate as a gift, try to buy Fairtrade or otherwise sustainable chocolate-Thorntons and Lindt are examples of commonly given chocolate brands you should avoid if you want your romantic weekend to be ecologically sound. I recommend Divine, which is Fairtrade and is well-made.

I can also say that some vegan/vegetarian restaurants can make great romantic locations. And as for romantic breaks away (in case you have not prepared; there is still time if you look around carefully enough), many eco-friendly options exist (look on ), or create your own :)

Regards, Alan.

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