Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why I am backing Caroline Russell to be Green Party candidate for Mayor of London in 2016

The Green Party selection for Mayor of London candidate, and London Assembly candidates for 2016 has opened, and here is why I am backing Caroline Russell, Green Party councillor for Highbury East, Islington and the sole opposition councillor to Labour in Islington, to be the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London next year and to be #1 on the Green Party's list of candidates for the London Assembly next year.

I believe Caroline Russell, who has been a diligent Green activist and Local Transport Spokesperson for the Green Party, has the integrity, innovation, and passion needed to forge a new, green path for London and give the office of Mayor of London a new, forward-thinking vision which Greater London needs. Caroline has been a considerate, caring, and diligent councillor for the people of Islington and helps provide a useful voice of dissent in an otherwise solidly Labour council chamber. Caroline is also an excellent campaigner at promoting green issues and the need for clean air in our towns and cities, and also about the effective use of walking, cycling and public transport as a means of travelling within London.

Caroline is also very helpful to new Green activists, and I was particularly pleased with her given me a helping hand when I was helping deliver leaflets for two council by-elections in Islington in 2013, just before I stood in a local election for the first time over back in Hertfordshire.

I therefore believe that if you are a Green Party activist living in Greater London, you should vote for Caroline Russell to be the Green Party's Mayor of London candidate for 2016 and to be #1 Green candidate for the London Assembly in 2016.


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