Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My thoughts on the Autumn 2015 Green Party conference

Having come back from the Green Party conference in Bournemouth last night, I would like to say that out of the six conferences I have attended in my 3 years as a Green Party member, this was the best I have been to, or at least the joint-best I have been to. It was an exciting conference, a passionate conference, and a well-attended conference.

Here are in my personal opinion the good points about it:

1. I felt rather relaxed at this conference, possibly because of the location right by the seafront, and got to enjoy the beach somewhat despite not having brought my sandals. The beach marquee was also a great addition.

2. I was able to avoid getting lost this time, and found my way around Bournemouth without any problems, partly because Bournemouth is not as large as cities like Liverpool and Birmingham.

3. Important emergency motions concerning the EU, justice for the 'Liverpool Five' and the scandal surrounding rigging of emissions tests (not just by Volkswagen but other car manufacturers) were passed. We also passed motions to amend copyright policy, end food waste, and to call for women's sanitary products to be exempt from VAT.

4. We raised considerably amounts of money to help Syrian refugees-thank you to everyone who donated.

5. On the last day of the conference, I heard that Shell had pulled out the Arctic-having passed an Arctic Ocean protection motion last year, I felt particularly pleased with this news

6. I got to meet many new people from the South West, young and old, as well as some old friends from that region.

7. I was re-elected to the Equality & Diversity Committee meaning I can continue my hard work in the Green Party of supporting the rights and wishes of people on the autistic spectrum.

And conversely, the not-so-good points about it:

1. My emergency motion on the story about MMS and other 'treatments' being given to children with autism never got a hearing despite having received useful support. Nevertheless, I believe the fight to keep humanity neurodiverse, and for autism to be respected for what it can bring to society, and to bring all those who promote 'curing', 'treating', or otherwise somehow eliminating autism to justice, must go on for the benefit of both people with autism and people without autism alike, and that the Green Party should play their part.

2. During a meeting with good friends of mine on Saturday, I later overheard that England had narrowly lost their Rugby World Cup match to Wales at Twickenham.

3. I sadly did not get to perform this time, due to a lot of Bournemouth musicians (who nevertheless entertained the audience) playing their small gigs. My good friend Simon from East Staffordshire sung the Green Flag (my signature tune) at the end of the night on my behalf to make up for that, although I unfortunately did not get to hear it due to the bus schedule in Bournemouth necessitating me to leave before midnight so I could reach the guesthouse where I stayed.

4. On the same day I was re-elected to the Equality and Diversity committee, I read that my Greenwich friend Lucy sadly lost her seat on the International Committee.

Overall, however, I found the weekend ather enjoyable, and I would love the next conference to be by the sea as well. I am also feeling pleased particularly since this week (starting tomorrow) I will be attending my first postgraduate lectures, continuing on my path to becoming a chartered psychologist.


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  1. Almost glad that you were not there to see me butcher your song! All my remaining credibility in the Green Party now gone... And number 2 on your "not so good points" was a highlight for me :)