Friday, 16 October 2015

My own stance on the EU-the Think Twice campaign

Despite the fact that the referendum on the UK's future membership of the European Union may be as many as two years away, the debate on whether we should stay in the EU or exit it is up and coming.

I believe, however, that without knowledge of the referendum date, and the potential political volatility of our situation nationally (and of Europe's situation as well for that matter), it is too early to take a definite stance on the question of EU membership, and that there are many people who still do not know what it really means for Britain to be a member of the European Union, what the EU actually does, and the many ways in how British membership of the EU impacts on our daily lives.

I will therefore take a third stance on the EU issue, in response to the definite yes campaign by Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, and the definite no campaign by Jenny Jones, Green Party AM and the first Green Party peer.

To celebrate the second anniversary of my blog, I announce the launch of the 'Think Twice' campaign regarding the EU referendum.

'Think Twice' is a neutral stance on the EU referendum issue, not specially advocating either a yes or no vote, but which nevertheless asks people to vote on the issue rather than abstain. I believe we need to be informed about the facts behind the EU and British membership of it, and also about both the pros and cons of each side of the story so that we can make an informed and independent choice in this matter. I also call for an impartial debate on the subject and for both sides of the story to be covered fairly and honestly.

This referendum is long overdue-the EEC/EU has changed so much in the 40 years since a similar referendum was last held in the UK. One major point about the EU referendum will be about exercising our democratic right over our own future, and for it to be binding.



  1. I agree with you Alan we need a proper debate, but judging by the AV and Scots Indyref we won't get one. It will be all crap, scare tactics etc.

  2. Good idea Alan. The Green Party is in danger of rushing into the Yes camp without thinking about the consequences.