Monday, 9 November 2015

More on the Oldham West & Royton by-election


I am pleased to say that it has been confirmed that Simeon Hart will be standing for us again in the Oldham West & Royton by-election.

Here is who he has to face:

Sir Oink-A-Lot (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
John Bickley (UKIP)
Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrats)
James Daly (Conservative)
Jim McMahon (Labour)

The OMRLP candidate is the only addition to the list of parties that also stood in this constituency earlier this year.

I wish the best of luck to Simeon in this by-election, and even if we do not win I hope we can perform better than in the last general election.


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  1. Interesting that other than Simeon, not a single candidate stood back in May. All other challengers been replaced.