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The ecologists of the 1983 UK general election: where are they now?

As a follow-on to my blog post of last year, entitled 'Our original ecologists: where are they now?' which you can find here: , I have been looking into the history of Ecology Party candidates from 1983, the first time we stood more than 100 candidates in a general election. We also had much better coverage in Scotland and Wales than in 1979, and a candidate in Northern Ireland for the first time, giving us coverage in all four UK nations. In fact, we were the only minor political party to do so that year, and it confirmed our long-term status in British politics.

In the blog post mentioned above, I have already mentioned some of the people who stood on our behalf in 1983 (having themselves stood in 1979 as well), which includes Jonathon Porritt, Guy Woodford, Gundula Dorey, Clive Lord, Alistair Laurence, David Whitebread, Howard Hoptrough, Don Grimes, Stephen Lambert, Brian Kingzett, Peter Frings, Anne Rix, Cicely Marsh, and Peter Hussey.  Therefore, the list below consists of those whose 1983 candidature was their first (or as of 2015, their only) general election candidature:

Peter Lang (contested Hornsey & Wood Green in 1983, and London North in 1984 European elections): Peter is still active in the Green Party, and was a candidate in Haringey's local elections last year.

Sonia Willington (contested Battersea in 1983 and 1987, and also London South West in 1984 European elections): Sonia, or 'Sally' as she preferred to be called, sadly died of a heart attack in 2008, aged 77.

Deborah Sutherland (contested Hammersmith in 1983, and London West in 1984): Deborah defected to the Liberal/SDP Alliance some time afterwards, and stayed with them when they merged into the Liberal Democrats (and as far as I know she is still with that party).

Elizabeth Shaw (contested Tooting in 1983): (Unsure)

Frances Rose Baillie-Grohman (contested Putney in 1983): I am not sure whether Rose is still with the Green Party-perhaps a relative of hers (who I know via my good friend Julia Lagoutte) can give me some more information.

Roger Shorter (contested City of London & Westminster South in 1983, and Kensington in 1987): Roger became better known for founding Christian Ecology Link, where he is (or at least was) active. As for whether he is still a Green Party member, I do not know.

Timothy Cooper (contested Westminster North in 1983, Brentford & Isleworth in 1987, and Cambridge in 1992): Timothy is now better known for his Green Christianity articles-I believe he may have left the Green Party some time ago.

Janet Grimes (contested Fulham in 1983 and 1987): (Unsure)

Mike Crowson (contested Hornchurch in 1983, Keighley in 1992): He was once national secretary of the Green Party when it was the Ecology Party; he now writes books on the occult and astrology.

Tim Rowe (contested Croydon North West in 1983): Tim now lives in the New Forest district, and is still a Green Party activist.

John Clarke (contested Twickenham in 1983): (Unsure)

Alexandra Presant-Collins (contested Kingston-upon-Thames in 1983): Alexandra contested quite a few local elections in Kingston-upon-Thames afterwards, but I have not heard anything further about her.

Alan Hassard (contested Lewisham East in 1983): Alan is better known for his research in behavioural psychology-I have not heard anything from him green-wise.

Cynthia Warth (contested Wanstead & Woodford in 1983): (Unsure)

Antony Jones (contested Wimbledon in 1983): (Unsure)

Jim Maclellan (contested Surbiton in 1983): (Unsure)

Brian Fewster (contested Harborough in 1983, Leicester South in 1987, Bosworth in 1992, and also the East Midlands European Parliament constituency's list in 1999 and 2004): Brian sadly died in 2008, aged 65, having been a long-serving Green Party activist.

Dinah Freer (contested North West Leicestershire in 1983 and Bosworht in 1987): Dinah is still an active Green Party member, having contested Leicester City's most recent elections earlier this year.

Rosy Stanning (contested Corby in 1983): (Unsure)

Geoffrey Dixon (contested Gainsborough & Horncastle in 1983): (Unsure)

Eric Wall (contested Derby South in 1983, Derby North in 1987 and 1992, and European elections of 1989): (Unsure)

Chris Davies (contested Leicester South in 1983): Chris is still an activist in Leicester Green Party and contested recent council elections.

Heather Goddard (contested Rutland and Melton in 1983): (Unsure)

Patricia Wood/Hewis (contested Newark in 1983 and 1992, Grantham in 1987): (Unsure)

Maureen Pook (contested Rushcliffe in 1983): (Unsure)

Robert Boenke (contested Epping Forest in 1983): He now lives in my hometown of Ware.

Nigel Callaghan (contested Peterborough in 1983 and 1987): (Unsure)

Anthony Carter (contested Norwich South in 1983): (Unsure)

Tim Eiloart (contested Huntingdon in 1983): Tim sadly died in 2009, aged 72.

James (Francis Keeling) Scott (contested Bristol West in 1983): Is he related to the Ecology Party candidate for Christchurch & Lymington in 1979, or is he the same man with a name change?

Geoff Collard (contested Bristol South in 1983 and Bristol East in 2001): Still active within Bristol Green Party-I spoke with him in person briefly at the 2015 Spring Conference.

Roger Joanes (contested North Devon in 1983): (Unsure)

John Chadwick (contested South East Cornwall in 1983): (Unsure)

Edward Barnham (contested North Wiltshire in 1983): (Unsure)

Stephen Shaw (contested Plymouth Sutton in 1983): (Unsure)

Wendy Morgan (contested South Hams in 1983): (Unsure)

Keith Radmall (contested Northavon in 1983): (Unsure)

John Waters (contested Gloucester in 1983, and York in the 1994 European Parliament elections): (Unsure)

Paul Ekins (contested Westbury in 1983): Part of forum for the future with Sara Parkin.

Suzette Starmer (contested Oxford West & Abingdon in 1983): Still in Oxfordshire Green Party.

Reginald Mutter (contested Lewes in 1983): Reginald, an English lecturer at Sussex University, sadly died in 2012, aged 87.

Peter Spurrier (contested Horsham in 1983): (Unsure)

David Newell (contested Reigate in 1983 and Surrey East in 1987): (Unsure)

Alan Francis (contested Milton Keynes in 1983 and 1987, Milton Keynes North East in 1992 and 1997, Milton Keynes South West in 2001 and 2005, Milton Keynes North in 2010, Buckingham in 2015, and European Parliament elections of 1994, 1999 and 2004): Alan was notably one of just two opponents to Speaker John Bercow in the most recent general election, and currently holds our record for most general elections contested in a row under the Green Party banner (eight).

Ian Flindall (contested Slough in 1983, Uxbridge in 1987 and 1992): Ian now lives in Cornwall where he has contested the more recent of Cornwall's local elections.

Geoffrey Darnton (contested Reading East in 1983, and earlier he contested Lancaster in 1974 as an independent): Geoffrey now lives in Bournemouth and at this time of writing is currently contesting a local by-election in Kinson, Bournemouth.

Charles Porter (contested Ashford in 1983, 1987 and 1992): I believe he is, or was, a GP in Ashford-I have not heard much about him recently.

David Conder (contested Canterbury in 1983 and North Thanet in 1987): (Unsure)

Martin Sewell (contested Gravesham in 1983): Currently a Church of England minister in Gravesham, and he has spoken out recently about the importance of respecting ecology within the church.

Peter Spurrier (contested Horsham in 1983): (Unsure)

Jonathan Sherlock (contested Chichester in 1983): (Unsure)

Victoria Murray (contested Hereford in 1983): (Unsure)

Felicity Norman (contested Leominster in 1983, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2005 and its successor North Herefordshire in 2010; contested European Parliament elections in 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, and 2009): She is currently a Green Party councillor in Leominster, and her daughter, Daisy, has also been a candidate herself in 2010 and 2015.

Nicholas Charlton (contested Warwick & Leamington in 1983): (Unsure)

John Churchman (contested Bromsgrove in 1983 and 1992): (Unsure)

Derek Rudd (contested Halesowen & Stourbridge in 1983): Derek is still an active Green Party member in Stourbridge, having contested local elections there as recently as 2012.

John Hurdley (contested Birmingham Edgbaston in 1983): I believe he is still a Green Party member over in Birmingham, since he signed the nomination papers for one of my Birmingham colleagues in the most recent general election.

Mike Shipley (contested Stockport in 1983 and 1987, Greater Manchester East in 1984 and 1989 European Parliament elections, and Peak District in 1994 European Parliament elections): Mike now lives in High Peak, Derbyshire, and is currently a co-chair of the Green Party's regional council.

Robert Gibson (contested Westmorland & Lonsdale in 1983, Copeland in 1987 and Penrith & the Border in 1992): Not too sure-although I have found out that he did not defect to UKIP at any point (the initials R.A. Gibson of a UKIP candidate in 2005 in Cumbria were purely coincidental).

Frank Smith (contested Hyndburn in 1983 and 1987): (Unsure)

Anthony Holgate (contested Chorley in 1983 and 1987): He defected to the Labour Party at least a few years ago and is currently a Labour councillor in Chorley, where he still lives.

Neil Chantrell (contested Warrington South in 1983, and earlier in Warrington at a 1981 by-election): He is still alive but I do not know whether he is still in the Green Party.

Stephen Tooke (contested Bridlington in 1983): (Unsure)

Stanley Shepherd (contested Shipley in 1983): (Unsure)

Michael Penney (contested Keighley in 1983): (Unsure)

Robert Adsett (contested Bradford South in 1983): (Unsure)

Douglas Jacques (contested Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1983, Sunderland South in 1987, and Brigg & Cleethorpes in 1992): He became a councillor in Glanford until that authority was abolished via the Local Government Act 1994; I am not sure of any recent activity from him.

Alistair Whitelaw (contested Glasgow Hillhead in 1983 and 1987, Glasgow Central in 2010, Glasgow South in 2015, Strathclyde East in 1984 and 1989 European elections, and also Glasgow list in Scottish Parliament elections of 1999, 2003 and 2007): Alistair is still an active Green in Scotland locally and nationally.

Linda Hendry (contested Edinburgh South in 1983 and 2001, Edinburgh Central in 1987 and 1997, Edinburgh West in 1992, European Parliament elections in 1984, 1994, and 1999, and Scottish Parliament elections in 1999 and 2007): Linda is still active in the Scottish Green Party in Edinburgh.

Margaret Harty (contested Aberdeen North in 1983): (Unsure)

Patrick Marks (contested Dundee West in 1983): (Unsure)

Alistair Nicol-Smith (contested Edinburgh Pentlands in 1983): (Unsure)

Nicolette Carlaw (contested Paisley North in 1983, and earlier Glasgow Hillhead by-election of 1982): (Unsure)

David Mellor (contested Paisley South in 1983, and Paisley North in 1992, not to be confused with former Conservative MP David Mellor, by the way): (Unsure)

David Allison (contested Central Fife in 1983, and Dundee West in 2005): Left the Green Party some time ago but I am not sure why, since he contested Dundee West as an independent.

Stuart Dobson (contested Dunfermline West in 1983): (Unsure)

Timothy Flinn (contested North East Fife in 1983): (Unsure)

Pamela Ross (contested Angus East in 1983): (Unsure)

Graham 'Brig' Oubridge (contested Swansea West in 1983, Carmarthen in 1987, and Swansea West in 1992): He now lives in Salisbury, and I have met him and his wife a few times at conferences.

Graham Jones (contested Cardiff West in 1983): (Unsure)

Marylin Smith/Wakefield (contested Ceredigion in 1983 and 1987, and the 1989 Vale of Glamorgan by-election): (Unsure)

David Hoffman (contested Pembroke in 1983): (Unsure)

Noel Thomas (contested Ogmore in 1983): (Unsure)

Alwyn Jones (contested Pontypridd in 1983): (Unsure)

Malcolm Samuel (contested North Antrim in 1983, East Londonderry in 1987, European elections in Northern Ireland in 1989, and East Londonderry as an Independent in 2005): He left the Green Party of Northern Ireland some time ago, but I do not know why.

As with last year's 'where are they now?' post of mine, I have generally only found out this information via internet research or personal meetings with some of the people I have mentioned above who are still in the Green Party, but I do what I can with regards to the history of the Ecology/Green Party.

Regards, Alan.

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  1. Cynthia Warth (Wanstead and Woodford 1983) - still alive, still voting Green, but not active and membership lapsed, as she has dementia and forgot to rejoin!